WordCamp 2013 – @Pay Staff To Present on eCommerce Solutions for WordPress


eCommerce Solutions for WordPress

Marketing and Creative Director Chad Person and Front-End Web Developer Kevin Donnigan will present a comparison of popular WordPress shopping cart plugins for designers and developers who are looking to add secure payment solutions to their eCommerce websites.

No matter the device a customer is on, a visitor expects your website to function a certain way. This is even more important with the complexity of an eCommerce website. With the increasing number of plugins available in the WordPress repository, we will take a look at the most efficient and effective eCommerce shopping cart plugins for WordPress.

Choosing the right plugin will make the difference between 80%+ cart abandonment and effective online sales. With our help, attendees will learn the benefits and pitfalls of popular cart plugins, with a focus on the mobile consumer and user-centered design.

Clean eCommerce Solutions for the Responsive Web
September 14, 2013
9:10am – 9:55am

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What Is WordCamp?

WordCamp is an annual conference attended by hundreds of creatives that focuses on everything WordPress. They are informal, fun, community-organized events that are put together by people who use WordPress as a blogging platform or content management system to make the web publishing easier.

Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, relate their experiences, and get to know each other. This is the third year for Albuquerque WordCamp and @Pay is bringing in two of their staff members from the Marketing & Creative Team to talk about what we do best: making the donation and eCommerce world a better place.


Attendees might get a look at the beta version of the @Pay’s Two-Click Checkout WordPress Plugin; an easy new way to start accepting secure payments on your WordPress site. The plugin will make it easy to drop @Pay’s functionality into your WordPress site, and to send email checkout buttons in your email campaigns.

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