Two-Click Checkout API Driving Company Growth

With the launch of our Two-Click checkout API this spring, @Pay has seen rapid and consistent growth. While our clients are benefiting from increased conversions, their customers are enjoying streamlined checkouts and email transactions.

Since late April, new users have flocked to @Pay at an increasing clip (as transactions have increased by 15 percent week after week). In May alone, we watched our user base increase by 100 percent.

@Pay delivers mobile conversions by streamlining existing web checkouts into two simple steps. Customers select and confirm offers in seconds, and we process the transaction securely behind the scenes.

For eCommerce retailers, membership organizations and merchants who use email marketing, we provide a powerful and novel checkout option. Our proprietary Email Checkout monetizes email marketing by inserting two-click checkout technology into each message. Customers can convert inside the message, without ever leaving their inbox.

Learn more on our product page or contact ‘’ to learn how @Pay’s API can foster mobile payments, and improve your eCommerce and email marketing business.

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