Press Release: @Pay Delivers Two-Click API Release

After months of methodical planning and steadfast coding we’re pleased to announce that today marks the release of our first Application Programming Interface (API). With this tool companies are given the power to seamlessly integrate two-click checkout into emails and websites.

Our Email Checkout technology—the first of its kind—allows email marketers and retailers to close a sale directly from a customer’s inbox and most mobile devices. Once a company integrates the @Pay Two-Click API into its existing email application, email recipients can make purchases in two clicks; one to select their purchase, the second to confirm. The financial transaction is completed securely behind the scenes. @Pay can process the payment, serving as gateway and merchant account, or a company can use its existing financial transaction system. Users of the Two-Click API can also offer a JavaScript application on their existing e-commerce sites, allowing customers to complete a secure web transaction in two clicks.

We developed this one minute video to illustrate how the API can help a business close transactions quickly and securely—take a look-see.

Highlights of the @Pay Two-Click API include:

  • Shorter transaction time: With two-click checkout, customers can complete a purchase in seconds, not minutes.
  • Makes mobile payments easy: @Pay’s two-click technology makes it simple and fast to complete mobile transactions, without requiring the installation of an app or special hardware.
  • It’s the only Email Checkout: @Pay’s revolutionary two-click Email Checkout process is a unique and secure way to process payments directly from a customer’s inbox.
  • Purchases are free: Customers make purchases using @Pay with no additional charge. Merchants pay as little as 35 cents per transaction, without set-up costs, monthly fees or hidden charges.
  • Worldwide capability: @Pay will allow businesses to receive money from around the globe, no matter where their company or customers are located.

“The beauty of two-click checkout is it dramatically changes the way a company can do business, without the need to implement any changes to their corporate structure. What before took their customers six or more steps, now takes two clicks with the addition of @Pay,” said Scott Maloney, @Pay Vice President Operations and Strategy. “We’re embracing a future where customers can make purchases in just two clicks from any device they choose.”

@Pay is challenging the traditional web checkout where businesses route customers through a lengthy process of filling out forms, thumbing through a mess of pages. @Pay’s two-click checkout processes payments in seconds from practically any device the customer chooses – on the web or in email.


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