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Two-click web payments hit the next level

We’ve had a big week at @Pay, and it just got bigger – to the tune of $10,000. That’s right, someone just processed a $10,000 payment through our two-click checkout. Anyone who has used our two-click web payments or Email Checkout knows that it’s an incredibly convenient way to pay – especially on mobile devices. Merchants and nonprofits familiar with our

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How to Design an API

API design has received a tremendous amount of attention in recent years. How do we design an API for fast, PCI safe mobile checkouts?


Security on the Electronic Payment Frontier

As we all move deeper into mobile with the proliferation of smartphones and tablet devices, eyes are turning toward the companies that facilitate transactions on these new platforms. Security is bubbling the forefront and will continue to occupy consumers’ minds as they participate more and more in mobile-enabled services. In the beginning, we saw an opportunity to use the most

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