Raising Funds for Young Heart Patient

Story below adapted from WTSP 10 News. Click here to read the original and to view the news segment.

A garden, which gave inspiration to a little girl with a life-threatening condition, was raided on Sunday night. Eleven-year-old Mary Haggerty said, “I felt like my heart was being torn in half hearing about how my pineapples got stolen it tore my heart in half.”

Haggerty knows all too much about a broken heart. She had open heart surgery as a baby and has never grown properly since. She’s heading back to All Children’s Hospital soon for an MRI on her arteries.

“They’re looking at the size of her arteries. That’s the problem her arteries aren’t strong enough to hold the stitches down and if they burst she dies,” said Rusty Bowles, who is her surrogate health care provider. He says any stress on her heart could be tragic.

So when her precious pineapples were stolen, Bowles broke the news to her but kept it positive.

“I understand that probably someone took them because they were hungry,” said Haggerty.

It’s been said that with a positive outlook anything is possible.


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