@Pay Releases Version 4

Today, @Pay releases Version 4, which includes updates to its dashboard, useful new tools for marketers and developers, and a RESTful API.

V4: Dashboard Redesign

In V4, we’ve rebuilt the @Pay dashboard with simplified navigation and enhanced user experience. Some of the new tools include an Offer Manager, Gateway Manager, Activity Monitor, Customer Export List, and the ability to have multiple user accounts for one organization.

Offer Manager

Now, clients can log in and view all the previous offer buttons they have created and their details.

Gateway Manager

There is now the ability to process payments through more than one gateway per @Pay merchant account. For example, clients will now have the ability to process specific offers through specific gateways when they wish to obtain more favorable interchange rates as needed.

Activity Monitor

With V4, clients can now make sure emails are being sent out properly and other behind-the-scenes information.

Multiple Accounts

Another addition is the ability to add more than one account to an organization. For example, one organization could have an admin account, a marketer account and a developer account. A marketing account, for example, would only have access to the button generator, where they could create offers and change colors of the receipts. The developer account could have access to API configurations.

Customer List

There is also an added Customer List in V4, which allows clients to export customers that are already two-click enabled. This comes in handy for email list segmentation, which you can export and import into any email service provider (ESP), such as MailChimp or ConstantContact.

V4: API Enhancements

In addition to dashboard enhancements, V4 will also introduce a new RESTful API. This is a standard, language-agnostic way for developers to build on our API in any programming language—for example: Java, Ruby, and PHP.

This allows for advanced integrations, like creating thousands of offer buttons on the fly. Now it’s easier for any developer working in any programming language to implement @Pay’s services into their application.

The new V4 dashboard is now live!

@Pay will be releasing the new API endpoints over the summer. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram for announcements and sign up for our monthly newsletter here.

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