@Pay Featured on KRQE News 13 (CBS)

@Pay was featured on KRQE News 13 (CBS affiliate) in their special feature about online security for payments. View the segment above or read the original article by news anchor Matt Grubs here.


… Here in Albuquerque, an online shopping ordeal during the holidays four years ago sparked John Killoran to launch develop the technology behind the company @Pay.

“I must have put my credit card information in 300 different places,” Killoran told KRQE News 13. “I jumped out of bed at 3 in the morning and said, ‘Holy mackerel! We can do this through two clicks on email.’”

The payment system — which uses email instead of traditional online transactions — is built around convenience.

“So here’s an email for the Roadrunner Food Bank here in Albuquerque,” Killoran said, demonstrating his product for a News 13 reporter with his iPhone. “And these buttons are donation buttons.”

Killoran selected a $25 button from among the half-dozen or so choices potential donors receiving the email would have to chose from. Another email from him to @Pay popped up.

“To complete the transaction, it says send this email order form to confirm your purchase of $25. Simply click, send, and you’re done. Two-click donating from email.”

The product would, of course, be worthless without a security mechanism.

“In that email, there’s no personal information,” Killoran said. “There’s no credit card information, there’s nothing for anyone to intercept or to do anything with that information. It’s simply an email.”

The credit card information is entered only one time by a customer when they first start using @Pay. From that point on, the information is stored in a virtual vault. The credit card is exposed just once to the information superhighway — as opposed to the dozens of online accounts many people use.

Killoran’s @Pay is targeting non-profits now. But it works with online purchases, too, and he hopes to expand it to bill-paying some day, replacing a bill with an email and a check with a click on the button in that email that tells customers how much they owe.

Conducting everyday business electronically is only going to get easier as technology continues to advance. Securing data in a connected world — everything from payments to the Pentatgon — is only going to get more important. …

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