@Pay is a two-click Email Payment Gateway

What happens when you want to send an email asking for money? Maybe you’re a nonprofit requesting a charitable donation. Maybe you’re a retailer offering a special offer on a great product. Or maybe you’re a soccer coach trying to collect dues from the team.

Right now, you are giving people two choices: be determined, or be discouraged.

If people are determined, they’ll make the effort to go through a hassle to give you money…the hassle of going to a website, navigating an online checkout, and filling out your payment information…or even worse, of filling out a check and mailing it in!

If people are discouraged, they’ll recognize the amount of work required and decide it’s not worth it. They’ll feel a little guilty about being deterred by the work it will require, but they’ll delete your email and move on.

@Pay Email Payment Gateway offers an exciting third option: eliminate the hassle and the guilt, and make the transaction happen in two clicks, without ever leaving the email.

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