Nerf War Rules of Engagement

Technology companies have a reputation for office environments on the fringes of corporate culture— where you’ll find nary a stuffy cubicle, and a poly-blend pant suit sighting is akin to seeing Bigfoot. Instead, tech offices are noted for playful interior design with open concept layouts, and nonexistent dress codes. And they’re notorious for blurring boundaries between work and play.
@Pay fits into this unconventional convention quite well. We don’t have a multi-story slide like Google—yet—but our office has wall-to-wall white boards, modern furnishings, a pool table, and some employees who opt to wear super hero costumes to work.

We also have daily Nerf battles where units of developers and marketers unleash a storm of foam ammunition from brightly colored plastic guns. I myself have resisted assimilation into the ragtag man-child Nerf army (the office is composed of a ~20 percent civilian population). But, our plastic Hasbro weaponry is so much a part of @Pay’s office culture that it became necessary to establish treaties and protocols. Hence, the official Nerf War Rules of Engagement … and some cool graphics to go with them, of course.

@Pay isn’t the only office with frequent Nerf skirmishes—Foresight Technologies and TerraCycle have written about their office Nerf-ing. And RunAwayBox depicted a Nerf battle royale in this excellent parody video.

If you like to play with Nerf guns as much as we do, you’re welcome to download the hi-res version of our Nerf Rules of Engagement Poster. For safety, we recommend you post it in a conspicuous location.

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