Lucky 7 for Kids is Using @Pay Email Donations for Fundraising

We are happy to announce that Lucky 7 for Kids will be using @Pay to assist their charitable efforts. @Pay’s Two-Click Checkout makes the Lucky 7 for Kids donation process more secure and easier than it has ever been.

Lucky 7 for Kids is a Non-Profit that supports military children of the fallen, wounded and deployed. Proceeds from the Lucky 7 for KIDS campaign support their Life Enrichment Programs, Life Needs Program, Sports & Education Camps, and their new Dream “Chaser” Program.

Their mission is to find one million people who care enough about military children and families to donate $7 dollars each, and use the donations to help many more lives across the country.

The Lucky 7 Campaign gives back to donors by entering them into raffle contests that give them a chance to win trips to major sporting events.

Please visit for more information about the Lucky 7 for Kids Campaign. You can also Donate Now with @Pay’s Two-Click Checkout.

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