Announcing our new CTO, James Kassemi

@Pay is proud to introduce James Kassemi as our new Chief Technology Officer. James contributed significantly to the technical innovations that have transformed the @Pay product over the last year and a half. By spearheading the API development effort, focusing on automation, and working closely with clients to establish an easy-to-use and functional payment system, he’s proven an invaluable team leader.

James has 15 years of development experience with deep expertise in web and mobile application architecture and development. With three quarters of his professional experience spent in startups, James knows how to move and think fast. He’s worked with non-profits, government organizations, and media companies to brainstorm, architect, and deliver a plethora of solutions for big and small clients. @Pay is excited to welcome him into a new role that will improve his ability to innovate and drive the company’s technical strategy.

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