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Today, email is undergoing a revolution.   There’s no denying the massive ROI email brings to modern organizations. Now, more than ever, email is at the center of our digital lives; it’s our fingerprint to access social networks; it’s the one resource smartphone users can’t live without.   Email is a central force in today’s modern lifestyle.

New technologies are transforming what’s possible, enabling email marketers to connect with consumers like never before.  Just as Web 2.0 transformed the capabilities of the modern Internet experience in the mid 2000’s, email today is undergoing its own renaissance.

Today, nearly 200 marketers and brands are gathering to hear industry leaders discuss what future trends and technologies are arising for email. We’ll hear from Persado, @Pay, Experian and LiveClicker about the #FutureOfEmail.

John Killoran, CEO

Theme: Email is becoming more Transactional

The smartphone is our “BFF” and John recalled when at a payments  the Vice Chair of First Data said that between 0 and 1% of transactions are happening over our mobile phones….until now. @Pay is a two-click technology that process transactions straight from an email–“a whole new aspect to email.”

There’s a 97% abandonment rate from traditional web-based shopping carts. There’s an importance for this type technology that will complete purchases from mobile email. Email itself is the “Express Checkout.”

John presents a case study, where @Pay buttons have increased revenue for a nonprofit client, RoadRunner Food Bank, is 12.5x higher than the industry average; the donations per email delivered were 5x the industry average; the completion rate was 2.6x higher than industry average.

Email buttons work great in commerce, bill pay, and nonprofit verticals.

John discusses how the technology works with encrypted information and an Email Payment Gateway that processes the the payment.

John asks the attendees to try a texting email, where they texted “Pay” and “Give” to  a phone number. They received a link, which brought up an email when clicked. Attendees pressed “Send” and their demo transaction was processed. John says that 40% of nonprofit fundraising from tradition Text-to-Give goes to a carrier. Not only that, but the nonprofit does not get the donor information. They can’t re-engage the customers. With @Pay’s solution, they get all of their money the next day, and they retain data on their donors.

“Email is a new beast these days,” he concludes.

crowd questions:

When asked about security, John says our motto is “Passwords Suck.” Passwords are not secure. Hackers would have to hack your password and your email. There is no billing or personal information in the email. It’s all tokenized.

When asked why there is a 97% abandonment rate, John says  that “for every time you take a step out of that process, you get more conversions.” When someone has an impulse to donate, and has to enter their billing information, they may abandon if there are too many keystrokes.

Do you see this working as a loyalty program? Giftcards, loyalty cash? Absolutely.



Bio: John invented @Pay, a technology that extends the power of email to financial transactions. This technology makes it possible to make a payment directly from Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. John is also the inventor Autopilot, an email-based information management system. Autopilot has been labeled “The Ultimate Cat Herder” and is another interesting expansion of the email technology. @Pay is John’s second company. He also founded of Clover Leaf in 2005 where he serves as Chairman of the Board and Chief Evangelist. Clover Leaf is a 100-person technology and consulting firm headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Among other things, Clover Leaf is company that develops and implements technologies that streamline operations for large industrial clients and governmental agencies.


Lawrence Whittle, SVP of Sales

Theme: Email is becoming more Persuasive


Most of you may not have heard of Persado yet, but they’ve just raised one of the biggest funding’s for artificial intelligence…press release coming soon.


Persado has the ability to PERSUADE, whether clicking on an email or on a banner ad. Persausion automation can be very compelling for your marketing programs.


Think of the number of messages that the average consumers receive…in the billions. How do you more systematically persuade customers? The art of persuasion…it’s a science. We’re unlocking the combination of behavioral science with emotion. The role of emotions has everything to do with digital.


Marketing clouds are missing a key component. You need the right person, the right place, the right time and the right message.


In your organization, there is someone randomly writing things. The simple fact is that it’s a human deciding what to test as the right message…so there’s naturally bias. Men and women react to different types of messaging. Men, is urgency. Women, is flattery. There is a lot of behavioral science going on.


Email is the single biggest link to a multi- omni-channel with a customer. You are in the business of sending messages. Billions of messages.


Artificial Intelligence is the future. Siri does it for language; Persado is doing it for persuasive messaging. You can actually with a  machine, generate better messages–ones driving people to take action.


It matters because Persado is scoring what works and what doesn’t. If you get the message right, you get it really right. Up to 800% more right. Because of the number of permutations and the fact that things change. For example, the word “Brilliant” is working great in the UK right now, but it will decay as all words do.


The way our engine thinks about messages is “genes.” Instead of “Up to $250 to Spend,” try “Offering you $250.” There are 5 “genes” in every subject line: emotions, descriptions, call to action, formatting, positioning.


Even emojis are a “gene.” There are thousands of emotions coming out each week…the ones that work also change in popularity for response. In this one scenario, there were 1,024 permutations of the same subject line. You could never come up with and test each of those on your own.


This engine looks at click-rates and conversion rates to see what works. It’s not random. It’s math. It’s a series of 1s and 0s. In different languages, with the same message, you get very different reactions.




How big does your database have to be?  It can be based on existing data at this point, because they have so much for different verticals.  We’re not doing testing, we’re doing machine learning.

Every message is tagged, we can show you specifically what is driving your customer segment to react. This can be your starting point for the next campaign.

Is there any discussion on more information like the right time to send the message? There are many factors that impact us to respond. Think of us as the final mile. Timing is important, but 70% of the click rate is linked to language/messaging.

What sample size will give you an accurate result? We do an AB test to validate. We’re not testing in the traditional sense. We do the heavy lifting first.

Bio: SVP of Sales, Marketing & Business Development.  He is responsible for driving the overall sales of Persado, its go-to market strategy and execution, as well as, developing its network of eco-system partners. Lawrence has spent over 15 years in senior software industry positions.  Before Persado, he was part of the senior team that drove the successful IPO of Model N, Inc. on the NYSE in March 2013 as SVP of Sales and Marketing.  Prior to Model N, he held positions as CEO of M-Factor, Inc., now owned by IBM, and VP international for ProfitLogic Inc., which Oracle Inc. acquired in late 2005.  Lawrence lives in the Bay Area and spends his time between the Persado main North American offices in San Francisco and New York.


Mar Brandt, VP of Strategic Sales

Theme: Email is becoming more Cross Channel Integrated
The customer journey is no longer linear. As marketers, the consumers expect you to build campaigns that put you in any channel at any time. It’s our job to build that cross channel marketing plan. It starts with email.


Email is still one of the most effect, efficient, revenue driving and cost efficient way to drive a message today. Email is NOT going away. It’s is not dead.


Email is not only an execution channel, it’s also an identity link. It’s how we can expand what we know about our customer.
We send about 350 Billion emails a year at Experian. 17.1% increase from Q3 of this year to last year. Unique rates are also trending up. Revenue per email is steady at $0.08. ROI is good.


We need to be more customer-centric. Are we ready? Are we doing it? …no. We found in one of our surveys is that 50% of marketers are pretty siloed. We’re optimizing email, mobile, social, but they’re still siloed. Even our organizations are siloed…preventing us from “cross channel euphoria.”


Email is the connector. There’s so much data being captured, but so many marketers don’t know how to use that data. Email is an execution channel…to get people to go to your mobile app, your transactions, …drive it to cross channel.


Case study of Valvoline: When you go to get your oil change, Valvoline actually knows more about you than you realize. The experience you get in your mobile messaging, email messaging, web messaging is very personalized to you. They’ll drive offers to you based on how far away you are from needing a new oil change.


Let’s appreciate integration. Don’t think of email in it’s own segment. We need to expand what we’re doing as marketers. Don’t be afraid of contextual marketing…email is a great way to do that!




Who is doing a great job at cross channel marketing? Candidly, I don’t think anyone is in that quadrant. There’s a huge gap now. We do think Starbucks is doing an awesome job across 2 or 3 channels, with their mobile app as their anchor and they’ve got a great loyalty program. Based on Starbucks coffee beans you’ve bought at a store, they’ll use that information to encourage you to buy it in their CPG store channel.


Bio: Mar Brandt is Vice President of Strategic Sales at Experian Marketing Services (EMS). Mar has nearly 20 years of leadership experience in the digital marketing space, driving deep client relationships and expanding revenues through her knowledge of online marketing and business development.


Justin Foster, GM of RealTime Email at LiveClicker

Theme: Email is becoming more Real-Time 
Email marketing has three buckets: Preference Data (male female, address); Behavioral Data (are you a customer or not? have you completed checkout?); Cross Channel Data.


They all rely on information that was provided in the past. People are increasingly on the move–we need emails to be device-aware. People are moving and traveling. By utilizing real-time data–data not available until the MOMENT they open the email…you can actually connect with them in real time.


What device are they opening email on? When are they opening it? Where are they opening it? Time of Day? What is the weather like? Geography…what language? What sense of urgency? Give a real-time countdown timer. You can guess these things, but you don’t actually know until the moment they open it.


A lot of email marketers cite “lack of customer data” as their barrier for sending personalized real-time messages. You may think you can only personalize for 20% of customers, but using real-time data, you can now personalize for the other 80% with the new information you just gathered when they opened that email.


Countdown timers ending in 3 to 7 days get a high reopen rate. People who open it that second time tend to be customers who spend more money. Super easy technology to add.


Video within the email message: Mobile doesn’t allow the video to start automatically. With a  single tap, there are 4.3x more video views.


Device targeting: The email is served up in an aesthetically pleasing way based on what device the email is opened up on. Why you have about 80% reading email on mobile, why not make it look great on mobile?


RealTime social media: The moment you hit Send on your email campaign, you’re frozen in time as you wait. Include a real-time updated Twitter feed to be relevant.


Weather: If you’re in Travel, include weather forecasts for your customer’s trips. Or more retail-specific, check out Nordstrom’s email that advertises weather-specific clothing, whether it’s cold, hot, sunny, or rainy.


Maps: If you’re missing a shirt at a conference in a different city, imagine opening an email that shows a real-time map targeted to the city you’re actually in, so you can get there stat and grab a shirt.


Pricing: Another travel example shows real-time pricing for hotels or flights, based on the day and time you open it. Similarly, showing what hotel rooms are actually available at that time of open.




What does the user see if the email is forwarded? The right thing. LiveClicker detects the IP address of the actual email open and presents the proper information.

Bio: Justin is Founder and GM of RealTime Email at Liveclicker. Prior to Liveclicker, Justin led the services practice for WhatCounts, Inc., an email marketing services provider, where he was responsible for client strategy and deliverability. He also founded the Email Marketing Roundtable, an industry discussion forum that represents over 1,500 email marketers worldwide including the majority of the largest online retailers in North America.

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