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Fundraising is the backbone of nonprofits as they rely on it heavily to raise money for their causes.

Developing and implementing a fundraising strategy is a huge undertaking that requires a lot of planning, budgeting, and tracking. Many nonprofits turn to cost-effective fundraising software to help them manage campaigns.

We’ve picked out 9 top free fundraising software options for you:

  1. @Pay
  2. Fundly
  3. Booster
  4. Qgiv
  5. Fundraising Report Card
  6. RunSignUp
  7. CiviCRM
  8. DonorBox
  9. DonorSearch
  10. BONUS (Not Free But Highly Recommended): Salsa

Read on to keep the cost of your fundraising low!

@Pay's free fundraising software accepts on-the-go donations.

Free Fundraising Software #1. @Pay

Platform Overview

Our online donation software features two-click web payments, email payment buttons, and text-to-give software.

While providing an easy and innovative way to accept donations, our online donation software allows nonprofits to process donations faster, which means they get paid faster and can use the received contributions even quicker. 

Our additional feature of text-to-give is so easy. Take a look below! Supporters can text your designated giving number and when their donation is complete, they’ll receive an emailed confirmation!


This free fundraising software accepts donations through Text-to-Give software.   @Pay's free fundraising software lets you accept donations through text.

 Best Features

@Pay Basic offers nonprofits the following features:

  • Online donation pages
  • Recurring gifts
  • Transaction and donor data
  • Unlimited admin access and accounts
  • Bilingual support

Perfect for collecting donations at event fundraisers because of its on-the-go nature, text giving is an easy take on modern fundraising.


Our Basic plan is on a bucket fee system, which means there’s no subscription fee, simply a deduction of $199 for every $10,000 you raise through our software. No matter the final amount, each transaction is deducted by just 2.9% and 30¢.

If you want to upgrade to include text-to-give, @Pay Premium runs at a yearly subscription of $399, with a 2.5% processing fee with 30¢ deducted from each transaction.


@Pay can accept your donations through mobile and online forums.



Fundly's free fundraising software gives you a professional and effective crowdfunding page.

Free Fundraising Software #2. Fundly

Platform Overview

Great for crowdfunding, Fundly lets users customize an online donation page. With a blog-like system, the site lets you easily update your site with photos and videos. And you can do it all from your cell phone with Fundly’s mobile app!

Your professional  page will be easy for supporters to read, just the like the campaign featured below.


Create your perfect online donation page with this free fundraising software.


Best Features

Fundly focuses on making sure your crowdfunding page looks professional while getting as much exposure as possible. Each page is mobile-optimized and features Facebook Open Graph Actions.

Facebook Open Graph Actions shares all of your campaign activity to your Facebook profile. From your campaign progression updates to supporters’ donations, “likes,” and comments, Fundly can broadcast it all. When it comes to their Facebook Open Graph Actions, the company suggests nonprofits “set it and forget it.”


This free fundraising software also helps keep your donations in your wallet. The only charges for this software are the platform fee of 4.9%,  and a credit card processing fee of 2.9% and 30¢ per transaction.


Fundly's free fundraising software can help you organize your campaign's page.


Booster's free fundraising software gives you a platform to see custom merchandise on.

Free Fundraising Software #3. Booster

Platform Overview

As the nonprofit branch of CustomInk, this free fundraising site specializes in custom t-shirts. Nonprofits get their own fundraising pages from Booster where they can promote their cause and direct their supporters to purchase custom merchandise.

With Booster, you don’t need to be a graphic designer! Their online tools, like their Create Your Design page featured below, can help you create the perfect shirt.


Booster's free fundraising software lets you design custom merchandise.


Best Features

Plus, Booster’s free fundraising software offers these tools:

  • Built-in social sharing. With buttons for Facebook, linking, and emails, your supporters can easily share your campaign information with their friends.
  • Multiple products. You’re not limited to just one t-shirt! You can choose up to 6 different products or colors to sell.
  • Collection page. Booster gives your page a storefront view so you can showcase more than just one product.
  • Additional donation. Supporters aren’t limited to purchasing t-shirts to help your cause. They can provide additional donations unrelated to purchases.

Booster handles all the finances for you with no risk of wasted inventory because they’ll manage production of your products. All you have to do is design your merchandise with their expert help, advertise your campaign, and collect donations!


Booster’s services are all completely free! However, each campaign will have a print minimum to exceed in order to cover print costs. Since every cause is different, each t-shirt designed will be different, too.

So your print minimum will be specific to your campaign and won’t be the same as the next. Print minimums are based on product choice, colors, text on each side, and the price for which you decide to sell your merchandise.

If you don’t reach your print minimum, don’t worry! Booster is risk free. Your supporters will simply be refunded for the t-shirts and the shirts won’t be printed. But your nonprofit will still get to keep any additional donations over $10.


Use Booster's free fundraising software to help sell merchandise for your nonprofit.


QGiv's free fundraising software helps simplify your online fundraising.

Free Fundraising Software #4. Qgiv

Platform Overview

This free fundraising tool makes it easy for nonprofits to set up their donation forms and therefore, manage their fundraisers. With bundles starting at $0 a month, Qgiv offers an easy interface to build your online donation form and plenty of sales support. Plus, you can always add on extra features as your campaign progresses!

Best Features

Qgiv’s software offers nonprofits features like:

  • Unlimited donation forms
  • Mobile giving
  • Social sharing on forms
  • Unlimited users
  • Easy-to-use form builders
  • Unlimited training

Check out how easy Qgiv’s software makes donation forms below.


Customize your donation page with this free fundraising software.


With Qgiv, Your nonprofit can customize everything from your donation forms to thank yous to your reports and analytics.


Qgiv’s Start bundle gives you unlimited donation forms, unlimited event registrations, unlimited training and support, recurring donations, and the features listed above. At $0 a month, your nonprofit will only be charged 3.75% and 30¢ per transaction.

Interested in an upgrade? The next plan, called Grow, is priced at $49 a month with a 3.95% processing fee and 30¢ deduction, followed by their Engage plan priced at $199 per month with a 3.95% processing fee and 30¢ deduction.


QGiv is a free fundraising software option for nonprofits.



Fundraising Report Card's free fundraising software provides you with data reports and analytics so you can see which strategies are working positively.

Free Fundraising Software #5. Fundraising Report Card

Platform Overview

Fundraising Report Card developed an innovative online application that helps fundraisers analyze data faster in order to make their fundraising more effective. This free fundraising software supplies nonprofits with performance analytics to create a “report card” with a free platform that can analyze up to 5,000 donations.

Fundraising Report Card can handle up to 50 years of your donation data, so their experts suggest uploading at least 3-5 years of data for the most accurate analysis.

Best Features

Fundraising Report Card offers data and features like the following:

  • Donation growth
  • Donor retention and acquisition
  • Average donation size
  • Donation frequency
  • Print reports
  • Measures of campaign effectiveness
  • Annual donations data

If your campaign is a car, Fundraising Report Card says their reports are like taking a “peek under the hood.”


This software has a completely free plan that includes features like unlimited team members and email support. The free plan also gives you reports on key performance indicators, growth, acquisition, lapse, and churn!


Fundraising Report Card is free fundraising software.


RunSignUp is a free fundraising software that's perfect for any running community.

Free Fundraising Software #6. RunSignUp

Platform Overview

The perfect platform for walkathons and races, RunSignUp offers nonprofits free or inexpensive uses of their services. The company’s mission is to implement their cloud-based technologies to make your community run go smoothly.

They’re a team of runners and race directors who wanted a better race organization platform and when they couldn’t find one, they made it!

Best Features

RunSignUp’s free fundraising software offers different features per category to tailor their services to different organizations or individuals. They offer features through category like:

Race Directors

  • Race websites
  • Registration
  • Results


  • Participant data
  • Co-manage race data
  • Integrate with your software

Running Clubs

  • Manage members
  • Cross-promotion
  • Sell merchandise

They use comprehensive technology to keep your race simple with their philosophy, “Have fun with technology and make it easy for the running community to use.”


With RunSignUp, the only fees you’ll run into are registration service processing fees, which are paid at checkout. If the checkout total is $0, there are no processing fees, naturally.

The fee starts at $2 and increases by 50¢ as the checkout total increases. When the checkout total is $10 or less, the fee is $2. When it’s $10 or above, the fee is $2.50. If the checkout amount surpasses $30, the fee is $3 and so on.

The donation processing fee is anywhere between 4 and 4.8% as it’s dependent on the race type and payment option.


RunSignUp's free fundraising software helps manage community runs.


CiviCRM's free fundraising software is an open source CRM!

Free Fundraising Software #7. CiviCRM

Platform Overview

A cost-effective constituent relationship management software, CiviCRM is completely customizable and expands as your nonprofit does. Over 10,000 nonprofits are using this open source CRM to manage their donor bases, engage supporters online, and centralize their communications!

Best Features

With CiviCRM’s easy-to-use free fundraising software, your nonprofit will get features like this:

  • Customization. CiviCRM’s software gives you freedom to adjust your program to your needs.
  • Supporter management. For organized records, you can store all the data about your supporters in one spot!
  • Membership management. When supporters decide they want to sign up for your membership program, they can pay online, receive reminders, and get member-specific updates.
  • Accounting Integration. Save your accountant the hassle! Export your gifts records in your accounting system’s format.
  • Email marketing. Manage and customize email lists with different templates for different contacts.
  • Reports. You can choose from 40 report templates or create your own!

CiviCRM can even be used as a standalone service or integrated into your WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla!


CiviCRM is free to download and use, although donations are happily accepted. The program sees improvements with funds and work by others, so donating will better the project for you and nonprofits worldwide.


CiviCRM is a free fundraising software.


DonorBox's free fundraising software is a fast payment processor.

Free Fundraising Software #8. DonorBox

Platform Overview

Perfect for attracting new donors and stewarding recurring donors, DonorBox offers a quick, easy-to-use donation system. Their software is an “experience for donors” because of their extensive features. Plus, your donors will have multiple options to control recurring payments!

Best Features

With DonorBox’s free fundraising software, you’ll benefit from:

  • Quick checkouts. Your supporters can use from custom donation amounts with corresponding descriptions of what the money will go towards. Plus, DonorBox accepts cards, PayPal accounts, and bank transfers.
  • Donation form button. Perfect for desktop computers, phones, and tablets, you’ll be able to embed a donation button to your website!
  • Customizable page and form builder. Feature your nonprofit’s colors and logo on your donation page to make the form feel like you and collect data from your donors like their employment information and location. You can even customize the questions you ask.
  • Worldwide donations. Accept currency from all around the world. DonorBox accepts USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, and more.

You can also integrate your Mailchimp accounts, gift matching software, and Salesforce NPSP 3 into DonorBox!


This fundraising software is free as long as your receive under $1,000 in donations per month. If you hit $1,000 worth of donations or more, DonorBox charges a platform transaction fee of 0.89%.

If any fees occur, DonorBox will invoice and charge you at the beginning of following month.


DonorBox's free fundraising software aids with donation acceptance.


DonorSearch Giving's free fundraising software lets you perform individualized prospect searches!

Free Fundraising Software #9. DonorSearch

Platform Overview

DonorSearch offers a free prospect research tool in addition to their other services. They simplify the process of fundraising by helping you find exactly who to target with individualized prospect research. With proven philanthropy, DonorSearch will give you the most accurate data possible as they manual verify prospects and have dedicated customer service to help you through any questions.

Best Features

Their desktop, mobile, and tablet-friendly site lets you search one potential donor at a time and only requires four fields of information: a name or business, location, type of gift, and your preference in list order.


Use DonorSearch Giving's free fundraising software to search for information on potential donors.   Use DonorSearch Giving's free fundraising software to search for information on potential donors.


The results will give you background information on the individual or business like birthplace, occupation, and family information.

Most importantly, the results will give you a list of their recent donations, including the type of gift, state, amount, and year. A prospect’s giving history is the information you can use to decide if they’re able (and likely!) to donate to your organization!


While their main services are contracted, their beta test, DonorSearch Giving, is free and perfect for smaller nonprofits!

DonorSearch Giving's free fundraising software lets nonprofits perform prospect searches one at a time.


Check out Salsa's nonprofit fundraising software.

Fundraising Software Bonus: Salsa Labs

Platform Overview

While it’s not free, it is for growing nonprofits. Salsa Labs’ fundraising software helps you retain donors and enhance fundraising strategies. From marketing to advocacy, Salsa Labs is the perfect solution.

Best Features

With Salsa’s fundraising platform, you’ll get these added features:

  • Donor management. You can track donor and donation data with Salsa’s responsive software that’s accessible on any device.
  • Digital marketing. Salsa will help you grow your contact list and communicate with your donors through various methods.
  • Online fundraising. Create professional donation or registration forms that are branded to your nonprofit and feature your color scheme and logo.
  • Online advocacy. Empower your supporters and launch petitions easily with Salsa’s social tools.
  • Peer to peer fundraising. You can take your peer to peer fundraising to the next level with Salsa’s mobile app.


SalsaEngage, Salsa’s first package, starts at $179 a month.

Take a look at Salsa's fundraising software.


There are plenty of cost-effective fundraising software options out there. Now that we’ve given you the top free fundraising software, you can start on your nonprofit’s next campaign!

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