Email Volume and Mobile Open Rate on the Rise

A new report delivers some great news for email marketers: open rates are climbing. But, for email marketers without a mobile strategy, this news may be a harbinger of catastrophe: most opens are happening on email-enabled mobile devices.

The article in BizReport shows that for the first time, recipients are more likely to open and read email on their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) than on desktops… and this trend promises to rapidly accelerate.

At @Pay, we’re excited to provide a solution to increase mobile conversions by email as both email volume and open rates are increasing at 12% per annum. As most industry insiders know, email continues to be one of the most productive and cost-effective ways to reach out to consumers of all types.

The rise in email mobility has increased the number of successful financial transactions across the board as well – making @Pay’s two-click payment technology perfectly positioned for companies seeking to take full advantage of this trend.

The @Pay two-click payment API allows organizations to easily implement our streamlined JavaScript cart and Email Checkout tools, with three key benfits:

  • @Pay is a flexible mobile payment solution that fits every industry’s mobile strategy
  • Our unique two-click email checkout enables payments within the body of the email; allowing companies to take advantage of the fast growth of email opens and convert customers on mobile devices.
  • Our two-click web checkout simplifies existing online checkouts, and nearly eliminates shopping cart abandonment.

Customers of all types demand simplicity, convenience and security – and @Pay fits the bill! For merchants, the best feature of our mobile payment API is that you don’t have to change incumbent processors, merchant accounts, or email service providers. Our flexible tokenization technology allows eCommerce companies and email marketers to improve results without re-building their system. Wow!

To learn more about our software visit our payment API page.


To read the full report visit BizReport.


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