dotMailer and @Pay Partnership

We are proud to announce our newly formed partnership with dotMailer, UK’s no.1 largest email marketing provider. Merchant’s using dotMailer can easily drop our payment buttons into their editor and blast email payments to customers around the globe.

DotMailer was established in 1999. By thinking smart and acting fast they have scaled quickly to become the UK’s number 1 email marketing provider with over 70,000 users in over 150 countries. With a global presence of this magnitude, expect to see @Pay buttons in your inbox soon!

In addition to dotMailer joining as a key strategic partnership. We have added a 25+ strong reseller network, expanding our reach to more than 200,000+ merchants!

You can join our reseller network and become an @Pay champion!

@Pay for Resellers allows merchants to accept email payments, while working directly with their existing merchant account and processor. With our new Merchant Dashboard, its easy to turn on billions of new transactions for your existing clients and partners. Resellers earn revenue on every transaction! Contact sales for more information.

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