Announcing Our New COO Shari O’Loughlin

@Pay is proud to announce the promotion of Shari O’Loughlin, our new Chief Operation Officer. As Chief Operating Officer she will be responsible for structuring cost-effective internal operations, increasing revenue, creating a success-oriented work environment, and expanding @Pay.

Shari O’Loughlin joined @Pay to steer development of business infrastructure, markets, technology, and clientele. Shari has served in a variety of capacities as @Pay has rapidly changed and grown. These roles include Director of Operations, Director of Business Development & Marketing, and Director of Administration.

Shari has over 20 years of experience initiating transformative solutions in corporate, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit environments. She brings a combination of skills and expertise in the areas of operational management, strategic planning, organizational design, finance, and new business acquisition. Shari has additionally held numerous leadership and executive committee roles for educational and community organizations.

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