Mobile Payments Company @Pay Launches All New 2-Click Fundraising Solution

Mobile Payments Company @Pay Launches All New 2-Click Fundraising Solution @Pay LLC announced today that it has rolled out significant updates to its patented 2-click fundraising software targeted to nonprofits. Recognizing the importance of the ‘mobile-first’ experience, @Pay offers robust yet easy-to-use payment solutions for web, email and text-to-give on mobile devices. “With nearly 1,000 new organizations signed up to

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@Pay for Gift Cards at All Payments Expo

@Pay is proud to be a sponsor of the 2015 All Payments Expo, taking place in Las Vegas February 21-25. All Payments Expo is an annual conference that explores payments innovation, including emerging payments, prepaid, alternative financial services, retail and technology. At this intersection of innovative payments, retail and technology is @Pay–the best way to sell (and redeem) gift cards.

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New Test Environment for Merchants

We’re pleased to announce our new test environment for merchants. With the flip of a toggle, merchants can switch between test and live modes – all within the same dashboard. We wanted to give your team a place to test changes without impacting your existing settings for emails already sent to your customers, with the goal of enhancing your experience

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New Email Handling with Mandrill

Here at @Pay we are constantly improving and adding features to our Email Point of Sale. Whether we’re upgrading the front-end or back-end, we’re always driven by great user experience. Today, we’ve integrated Mandrill for all system email messages (like receipts, password resets, and transaction alerts). Mandrill is a scalable email infrastructure built on the robust and reliable MailChimp platform.

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New Button Generator Tool Released by @Pay Team

We’ve just released a useful new tool for online merchants and email marketers – the Email Checkout Button Generator! Now, anyone from your organization can log in and create email offer buttons, without the hassle of further integration steps.


A wrap-up of the Great Salt Sprint 2013

@Pay’s engagement in the Great Salt Sprint on July 27, 2013 was great fun! We had a productive and educational session here in Albuquerque, despite technical difficulties involving interfacing with participants in other locations around the world. Each local participant came away with some new knowledge and something they can possibly use in their professional lives. @Pay came away with

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@Pay gets Salty!

It’s not talk like a pirate day, yet. @Pay’s ops team is using the open source project SaltStack to manage configurations on our servers, locally and in the cloud. Being nimble means having the ability to launch and configure cloud instances in a snap, and Salt allows us to do just that. SaltStack entered the configuration management arena in 2011—joining

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Cross Browser Compatible Mailto Links for Mobile + Desktop Clients

We live in a world where different browsers run in different operating systems on different types of devices. A big part of a front end developer’s job is to keep this multitude of compatibility issues in mind so as to provide the best experience regardless of the user’s device and platform. Even with accepted standards, a website might look perfectly

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The Ballmer Peak for Brewers

I have a hobby—that hobby is making beer. A key piece of the process of making beer is drinking beer. The better the beer you drink, the better the beer you make. Much as there is an art to brewing, there is an art to drinking while performing another task. Therefore, the Ballmer Peak—a theory postulating that programmers become more

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The @Pay API Deconstructed

The 2-click @Pay API is a lightweight code base that can be added to your application as quickly as possible. By following our published, well-documented examples, you’ll be up to speed in no time and have 2-click Web and Email Checkouts available as a payment option in your application.