The best way to bet the Kentucky Derby this year

Hot on the heels of our public API launch , our partners are doing amazing things.

If you plan to watch the 2013 Kentucky Derby this weekend, try wagering from your mobile phone. Derby Jackpot, an online horse wagering site, has implemented our web API on their stallion of a mobile app. It’s an absolute blast, and the only way to bet the Kentucky Derby online.

The @Pay Two-Click API makes charging up your Derby Jackpot account and betting from your mobile phone SO SIMPLE. Take a look at how Derby Jackpot implemented our API in the following graphic (larger version here):

Visit Derby Jackpot to sign up and start playing. We promise it will be the most fun you have had on your mobile phone (or computer) for quite some time.

To learn more about using our Two-Click API visit the product page.

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