Nora Zulick


New Test Environment for Merchants

We’re pleased to announce our new test environment for merchants. With the flip of a toggle, merchants can switch between test and live modes – all within the same dashboard. We wanted to give your team a place to test changes without impacting your existing settings for emails already sent to your customers, with the goal of enhancing your experience

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New Email Handling with Mandrill

Here at @Pay we are constantly improving and adding features to our Email Point of Sale. Whether we’re upgrading the front-end or back-end, we’re always driven by great user experience. Today, we’ve integrated Mandrill for all system email messages (like receipts, password resets, and transaction alerts). Mandrill is a scalable email infrastructure built on the robust and reliable MailChimp platform.

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Goldilocks and the Seven Bears, the @Pay Agile Development Process

Finding an agile development process for the @Pay team has been a bit of a Goldilocks challenge. We settled on a modified Scrum that was “just right” for us—light enough for the programmers and solid enough for management.


Can Security and Easy Payments Co-Exist?

As an avid traveler, I’m used to taking off my shoes in the name of security. But I often find myself wondering why flying can’t be both safe and not a complete pain — and if maybe, there’s a way to have both.