Carrie Lin


ABQ 5k Run partners in Boston fundraising efforts

Since the Boston Marathon bombings, we’ve been partnering with local groups and businesses who want to do something to help support the recovery of all involved. Many have popped up. It’s been bittersweet, seeing the good side of this terrible situation. There truly are far more good people in the world than bad, and many of them are here in

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New Mexico Supports Victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings

We stand together in support of those affected by this horrific act.
Join us and other businesses in New Mexico in our goal is to raise $10,000 for the Boston Marathon bombing victims and their families.


@Pay profiled in Albuquerque Business First

Many thanks to Dan Mayfield and fellow staff at the Albuquerque Business First for their article about @Pay! With so much happening in the New Mexico tech world, we are so appreciative to have had the chance to share our story. View the full article here.


Unexpected Uses of Email

In a previous post, we shared four ways to conquer email. Expanding on this topic, we wondered if there was anyone creating innovative new ways to use email altogether. Here, we’ll share the most innovative things we’ve found that people are doing with email. 1. Email as a personal assistant – There are several companies trying to create this experience,

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4 Tools to Help You Sort Email

Email has been around for 40 years – for the most part, unchanged. The avg. person spends up to 30% of their work day sorting. How do we sort email better?