ABQ 5k Run partners in Boston fundraising efforts

Since the Boston Marathon bombings, we’ve been partnering with local groups and businesses who want to do something to help support the recovery of all involved. Many have popped up. It’s been bittersweet, seeing the good side of this terrible situation. There truly are far more good people in the world than bad, and many of them are here in our desert community.

A group of motivated citizens in Albuquerque came together last week set up a 5K walk/run with a goal of raising money to be sent to the Boston First Responders Fund. We’ve offered to process donations and race registrations for the event, waiving all fees to ensure that 100% of all monies collected will reach the intended parties.

For those in Albuquerque or in the surrounding area, here’s a link to the race page if you would like to support this event.

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