Podcast Interview with CEO John Killoran

CEO John Killoran is featured on in an exclusive “CEO to CEO” interview with Karen Webster of The article titled, “5 Billion More Chances To Buy” explains how our Email Payment Technology provides a better checkout experience than any current option available.

Key Quotes from Article:

“What E-Mails people are reading matter too, 70 percent of the aforementioned 5 billion commerce E-Mails are read on mobile devices. Only two percent of those E-Mail are ever revisited, meaning if the merchant is going to convert the consumer they have one shot to do it in.” – @Pay CEO John Killoran

“Click through to a website its all nice for pushing your brand but most merchants are in business to sell products. Our button that we put in an E-Mail gives them a chance to convert right there and then throughout the E-Mail they can still put hyperlinks to their site to drive them there to look. So it doesn’t really cost the merchants anything and they definitely see the upside…” – @Pay CEO John Killoran

“Email is the consumers most preferred mechanism from a retailer” – CEO Karen Webster

The full article and podcast can be viewed on here.

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