Let’s face it – PASSWORDS SUCK. Consumers know it, merchants know it, they don’t improve security, and they are just annoying. An @Pay membership gives you a level of security far beyond the password.
Enjoy shopping again with:

  • Instant QR Code Buying
  • Two-click Payments from Email
  • Safer Shopping with No Passwords

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Transform Your Email Experience.

Receiving emails is about to become more fun.

Emails with @Pay buttons mean you get to buy things or pay bills in two simple clicks. There is no credit card information in the email so your transaction is secure.

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Checkout buttons embedded in your email message make transactions fast, safe and mobile.

When your favorite stores send you email offers, you can now easily act on them... even from your phone. With @Pay you can shop and buy without having to type on a keyboard or remember a password. It's fun and hassle free.

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Ask your favorite merchant to turn on @Pay. We are available everywhere and merchants can enable @Pay in minutes. Tell them they will sell more and spend less!!

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Integrate @Pay's Two-Click API

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" ... for merchants looking to chop seven or eight steps to two and drive down cart abandonment."
Rick Oglesby — Senior Analyst at Aite Group

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