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Our API is Easy to Set Up

Add @Pay Buttons to your email marketing and give customers a new way to buy. Email Checkout delivers fast, secure payments straight from the inbox.

  • Create @Pay Buttons with Copy + Paste Simplicity
  • Use Your Current Email Marketing Tool
  • No Need to Change Your Current Website
  • Delight Mobile Customers with Easy Payments
  • Simple Set Up With Your Merchant Account*

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Easy First Data Integration

@Pay is a Simple,
Secure Email Payment Platform.

Our patented Two-Click Email Checkout makes buying easier.

No username or password necessary — just two clicks: one to spend, and one to send.

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Works Everywhere – Without an App

Checkout buttons embedded in your email message make transactions fast, safe and mobile.

See an immediate improvement in your email marketing with our secure payment platform. See how in this video.

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@Pay is compatible on every platform

Integrate @Pay's Two-Click API

Easy to Set Up

Our API is Easy to Set Up

Connect to our API and start enabling two-click payments. No need to change your email marketing strategy – and if you ask nicely, we'll do it for you.

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Integrate @Pay's Two-Click API

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" ... for merchants looking to chop seven or eight steps to two and drive down cart abandonment."
Rick Oglesby — Senior Analyst at Aite Group

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